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Lost in the data is a webzine designed to map ecosystems and reveal connexions between things/stuff/contents/topics.

A zest of serendipity brought to you by BETC Paris.


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WIN YOUR STREET CRED // A growing 75% of western population is living in a city, and the other continents are bridging the gap. So basically, the street is nowadays everything we can think of when we talk about public space, and the starting point of every major counter culture movement. But just being down there won’t make you part of that street culture, you’ll have to work on your fame: that’s what street credibility is all about.

OK. Cut da crap. It’s time to win your street cred.

FastCo speaks about Lost in the data

A great thanks to Rae Ann Fera, contributor to Fast Company Co.Create for this insightful post about our “interactive mind-map” !

You can read the full article here.

LOLCATPEDIA // There are a lot of websites dealing with this furry subject, but for us, it was the perfect way to test our new content mapping software, and see if it was internet-lol-proof. TIME 2 GIT LOST INTO GALAXIEZ OV FUNNY KITTEHS!!

WHO WORKED ON THIS? // An original idea from Clarisse, Maria and Vianney. Those shall be thanked: Philippe, Léa, Christophe, Abder, Lionel, Laura, Tania, Rémi, Stéphane, Bernard and Cécile.

MANIFESTO // Learn more about Lost in the Data and the reason we built this tool. CLICK HERE.

WHAT’S NEXT? // We have plenty of ideas regarding next episodes we’d like to build. But maybe YOU have an awesome suggestion about a subject you want us to explore.

In this case, please write us (politely) at captaindata@betc.fr.

REMIX (to come in few weeks) // What is the common point between Rebecca Black and Obama? They are both pop-cultural icons.

Proof of this being the number of remixes we can see on the web about their clips and speeches. We found it interesting enough to think about a whole episode dedicated to this remix culture. Houraï.

THE HAND // Yes. We considered those little prehensile part of our bodies deserved a whole episode. Because even in our über-technological world, our hands still are our most basic means of expression, of connection, of creation, of recognition, of production.

Now just wander around & enjoy…

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