Lost in the Data

Lost in the data is a webzine designed to map ecosystems and reveal connexions between things/stuff/contents/topics.

A zest of serendipity brought to you by BETC Paris.


MANIFESTO // Remember the old times ? When the world was still in order ? When there used to be a clear distinction between content and technology, between « high » and pop-culture ? When brands only focused on sociotypes instead of real people ? When everything could be put in boxes?

Well, let’s face it : those times are past.

A new world arose. A global and digital one. A world with blurry frontiers, where content, people and data live « in the cloud ». A world of indistinction, remixes, real time and syncretism. Where anything is connected to everything. A world of ecosystems.

You might feel a little bit dizzy, looking at this mess. But you are all good. Because this apparent chaos of data actually makes sense. You just have to reveal it. That’s why here at BETC – the biggest french communication agency – we developped a whole new tool. A tool designed to map ecosystems, to reveal connexions between things seemingly far away from each other.

Lost in the Data is based on the belief that it’s better to build bridges than to segment and set apart.

Lost in the Data is based on the belief that there is a sense behind the chaos, and that at the end of the day, you will always get your share by getting lost into galaxies of content.

Lost in the Data is a tool for a modern way of thinking, in a modern world.

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